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Complaint can be registered within 3 days from Delivery date.

Dimensional weight, also called "dim" weight, is used because the space a package takes may cost more than the package's actual weight. Transportation charges are based on the gross weight of the shipment or the dimensional weight of the shipment, whichever is greater. Dimensional weight is when the weight of a package is inappropriately less than the actual size of the package. For example, a cardboard box filled with inflated whoopie cushions. When the actual weight of a shipment is less than the calculated dimensional weight, carriers will charge by the dimensional weight.
The easy answer? YES. Transit times are guaranteed only if marked so on your quote page. Any other transit times noted are typically reliable, but not guaranteed. Guaranteed service costs more. Posted transit times do not include the day of pickup, only transit to destination. If you need Guaranteed Service, we can quote it.

We provide
– Free Consultation

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– Consulting on the best mode of transport for your shipment depending on budget or time

– Warehouse and Storage Service if you need to store goods here before shipping

– Pick-Up Services, Crating, and Pick-and-Pack services for commercial clients

We accept, bank draft, cash, e-transfer, direct deposits, wires, and Visa/Master card.
Door-to-Door delivery is a full service where we arrange to pick up the shipment from its location of origin to its destination, right to the specified address. This commonly refers to the freight charges. Charges on top of Door-to-Door can be exempt of offloading, customs, and port charges.